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Ternex OS 2.0

Tx OS 2.0 is here!

For a while I have kept some in waiting for the next Version of my Gameduino, which the small OS on it I am now calling Ternex OS, or TxOS for short. It is finally finished with some new programs, a speaker, portability, and an updated startup with small menu functionality and the ability to have up to 20 programs on 1 sd card instead of having to have multiple SD cards.

There is now a blog where you can post ideas, applications, and get help, as well as comment on such things and give the help. Just click on the TX OS APPS & GAMES page at the top

So here it is:

(RENAME "Ternex OS 2.0.tar" TO "Ternex OS" FOR IT IS NOT A REAL TAR!!)